Scuba Diving Gear

Such gear goes underwater.  However, note that if you drop the mask into the ocean, it will sink like a rock.

Canon WP-DC5 Waterproof Camera Case

Canon SD700IS
The SD700IS is an image-stabilized 6.1 Megapixel point and shoot with great low-light capabilities and 2.1 shot per second continuous mode.  Subsequent higher megapixel models that I tested were not as good in low light and not as fast in continuous mode.  A quick continuous mode is important because it allows you to skip using a flash and get natural lighting in shots via shotgun approach: if you hold down the trigger and get 5 or so shots of a subject in low [a.k.a. normal] light, chances are that one of them will be in perfect focus like you took it on a tripod.  The SD700IS also has a very quick focusing hunting mechanism and a superb macro mode.

When paired with its complementary WP-DC5 Waterproof  Camera case, you can get some decent underwater pictures, as seen in our Cozumel dive galleries.  The case is quite solidly constructed and allows access to all the camera’s buttons via gasketed, spring loaded plungers.

Atomic Aquatics Frameless Ultraclear Mask
This mask is indeed ‘Ultraclear’, offers a wide viewing area, and it seals against my face very well even when I have sort of a moustache.  The ratcheting mechanism for the head strap is a delight.

Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins
Compared to the fins I’ve rented, these are astonishingly powerful.  Scuba diving is not really about speed, but it is about efficiency, and these allow a lot of movement for a little effort.   Also, there are times when you have to oppose a strong underwater current and when you do these feel pretty badass.

Scubapro Profile 3mm/2mm Wetsuit
A wetsuit should fit tightly, keep you warm enough and hold up well to use.  For Cozumel this worked out perfectly for me.  It’s a 3mm thickness everywhere except the arms and shoulders, where the 2mm thickness allows maximum ease of movment.   The zipper pad is nice and and thick.

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